We Build and Maintain Your Trust
We are a Licensed Bonded & Insured General Remodeling and Repair Service by appointment ONLY. ROC0224628. “All In One” Home Repairs is a Limited Liability Corporation – LLC. We are a general “all in one” home repair service. You do not need to call a plumber, a carpenter, or an electrician to complete a particular job. “All In One” Home Repairs LLC, has good work ethics and will do all of the work on your list without you having to call each separate tradesman to schedule appointments. We will call you back and show up. Most general contractors want the big jobs, because they have large crews that need to meet large payrolls. Calling “All In One” Home Repairs” LLC, will take care of all of those repairs, installations, and improvements efficiently and one bill when we are done. Moreover, this is completed without all the stress of meeting each contractor separately and paying everyone individually.
All In One is both a residential and commercial licensed contractor. We come to know our long-term customers and their properties, so they know us and trust us. We can install, repair, or improve just about everything around your home or office. We can do just about any job and save you money.

We DO NOT mark-up parts or materials. Whatever it costs us at All In One is what it costs you. It is just that simple. You can buy the parts or materials yourself, or we can do so by adding 10 % for doing the shopping. We actually prefer you buy your own parts or material, especially if it is something like a ceiling fan because of all the designs that would meet your taste. It is best you buy what YOU want. All you are paying is the technician’s time, just as you would with any other technician. But without the mark-up of buying any in-house parts like most everyone else does. Read why we do not work on Commission!

“NO Commission Business”
In addition to the no in-house mark-up policy, we do not try to sell you parts you do not need, as our competition does. Our policy is simple, if it is not broke, it doesn’t need to be replaced. (Aside from some items that may be required such as plumbing parts connected that may also need replacement.) But we really do not try to add more parts to raise the price. Again, this saves you money and time. We want to keep the price low, so you call us again the next time your need us. NO commission, NO mark-up, just what is needed to complete the job properly.

“We DO NOT participate with Referral Services or Referral Networks aka Bird Dog Services”
All In One, does not participate in Handyman Referral Services or Contractor Referral Networks also known as, ” Bird Dogs”. These referral services are NOT FREE! Generally, the Contractor or Handyman has to pay a fee for each referral, which is passed on to the consumer! We have a strong reputation to uphold and don’t want a middleman to misrepresent us. That gives you the assurance of referring us to your friends or family. That’s one way we save you money. You don’t have to pay to talk to several people to get an answer or resolve an issue. You deal directly with us. However, we do refer other contractors often and we do this for FREE. (If there is a job, we cannot get done for some reason.) All In One Home Repairs operates in compliance with State of Arizona laws. All In One Home Repairs is fully insured bonded and is a registered member of the AZ State R.O.C licensed general contractor. ROC224628